About Dutchtown


Dutchtown is located almost exactly 6.5 miles East on US 66. Watson until it becomes Chippewa, all the way to Grand. 

Dutchtown was established by German immigrants in the 1800s. 

Because of their great craftsmanship, it is a city built to last. 

Dutchtown is the 3rd largest neighborhood of the 79 neighborhoods that make up St. Louis City.  It has one of the most dense populations of youth in the entire city, with almost a third of the residents under the age of 18.

It has been a focal point for placement of new Americans in the St. Louis region. 

It is a richly diverse community of African Americans, several new immigrants from all over the world, and Caucasians who all call Dutchtown home. 

Even though we are only 6.5 miles apart, the diversity of Dutchtown makes it feel like you’re entering another culture in every restaurant, market, sidewalk and home. 


Dutchtown today

Despite all of this going for it, Dutchtown is plagued with violence, poverty, poor education, and hopelessness.

In recent years, crime in Dutchtown has increased dramatically. 

When asked about the violence, one resident responded that “It’s a never-ending story.”

Another sadly said, “In Dutchtown, the sound of rain is almost as common as gunshots.”

And yet another defeated neighbor said, “It’s ridiculous. You can’t help it. It’s just something you got to live with.”